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As we all recognise in battlegrounds your life regularly relies upon on that how rapid you may search out guns. So if this is so critical I determined to degree which way is the quickest to tour at the start of the sport.

Most of you probable found out that going face down from the aircraft then keeping strafe + ahead whilst your parachute pops (to avoid velocity loss) and after that ahead till you may land is the fastest manner to get down.

Things have become a piece more complex while we want to travel further like 2 or 3kms away from the plane. After hours and hours of trying one of a kind approaches and speeds, I got here to the belief.

At the being of the first method, we want to tour forward with the aid of searching up at the horizon and attempt to get as some distance as you may earlier than vehicle-pull of your parachute will kick-in (900m – 1.2km is the max you could do). The distance which you will tour after chute is open depends on the rate that you are willing to preserve.

There is a chart with my effects:

Speed – Distance – Time
20+km/h – 1,forty- 1m 25sec
40+km/h – 1,fifty five- 1m 09sec
50+km/h – 1,50- 1m 00sec
60+km/h – 1,30- 0m 58sec
second Technique is all about flying forward and pulling your parachute out as soon as we are able to. After that maintaining correct pace will deliver us humongous differences in results.

There is a chart with my results:

Speed – Distance – Time
20+km/h – 2,90km – 3m 33sec
30+km/h – 2,30km – 2m 35sec
forty+km/h – 1,90km – 2m 02sec
50+km/h – 1,65km – 1m 37sec
60+km/h – 1,30km – 1m 24sec
3RD Technique Parachute Right Down and Drive with Vehicle

I additionally measured approx time which takes if we might parachute all the way down to the vehicle and try and drive 2kms. This manner we can compare it will long distance parachuting and know which manner is quicker.

That’s what I located:

Vehicle – Distance – Time
UAZ – 2km – 2m 17sec
Buggy – 2km – 2m 14sec
Dacia – 2km – 2m 02sec
Bike – 2km – 1m 51sec
SuperBike – 2km – 1m 44sec

Ofc motorcycles are the fastest and in reality will beat anyone on parachute and Dacia gets you there in approximately the identical time.

Keep in mind tho that all of that measurements had been finished with ideal driving

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